SPARKvue is a popular data collection, visualization and analysis application for STEM learning. SPARKvue enables wireless data collection and live data sharing with anyone in the world to unleash the learning experience. In addition to collecting data on your own iPhone and iPad, SPARKvue works across Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and Mac and Windows computers.

Capture data from the world around you:

  • Graph live sensor data from the world around you in real time—pH, temperature, force, carbon dioxide and much more!
  • Connect PASCO’s new wireless Bluetooth Smart sensors directly to your iPad or iPhone—just turn on the sensor and connect right in the app. Nothing could be easier!
  • Connect any of 80+ PASCO sensors via our Bluetooth interfaces
  • Capture images with the integrated cameras and use SPARKvue’s image analysis capabilities
  • Collect and display live data using the onboard accelerometer and sound sensors