Founded first as a reading room for lecturers in Thammasat Business School (TBS), the room was promoted to be the faculty library in 1970 to serve the faculty members. Although it was transferred its management to Thammasat University Libraries in 1976, the library has been serving the faculty as it did.

The library performs its consistent growth in accordance with TBS’s advancement, seeing from successful expansion in its curricula, such as MBA and X-MBA programs. The library has been renamed as “Sangvian Indaravijaya Library” since 2008, as to commemorate to Professor Sangvian Indaravijaya, an ex-dean (1984-1986) who launched the MBA and X-MBA programs.

At present, Sangvian Indaravijaya Library is located on the 4th floor, Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University Thaprachan Campus.

Collection Development Policy

Collection development means the process of subscribing journals, audio-visual materials and databases which are in relevant to course structures, fields of researches, and academic services in the Thammasat Business School. The library commits to provide materials based on users’ demand as well as execute its budget efficiently and strategically to achieve its goal. Collection development not only helps the library’s mission accomplished with the great success, but also supports the TBS’s mission to be the internationally academic excellence. Sangvian Indaravijaya Library receives books and materials suggestion from TBS members, i.e. lecturers, students, staff, via following channels.

  • Online service at Book suggestion.
  • Corresponding e-mails from TBS lecturers of each department after sending on-line catalogs of various publishers to them. 
  • Reading lists- survey about books and teaching materials required by TBS lecturers from all departments and academic programs. 
  • Memorandums of special requirements from academic programs 
  • Library selection for publications listed by libraries in Top Ten Business Schools, i.e. Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, Stanford Business School, etc.