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TULIBs off-campus access

Members can access Library's network from outside the campus to search online databases and access other resources by using two options:

Logging in via EZproxy

Members can access online databases from outside campus by just logging in to EZProxy with username and password. 

Logging in by setting proxy on your web browser

Setting proxy on web browser allows members to use Library's network as they are inside the campus.

Logging in by setting mobile network on your mobile (Android)

Setting mobile network allows member to use search Library catalog on mobile.

Note: If you need help, you can contact a technical librarian at or call 66 2564 4440-59 ext. 1305.

wifi area's logo

There are Wi-Fi areas in every TU Library branch for the use of the TU community. To access the service, log on with username and password as follows:

  • Students use university-provided username and password.
  • Faculty and staff use e-mail username and password.

For help, please contact: << TU-HelpDesk >>, the Information Processing Institute for Education and Development.

TULIBS photocopying service's logo

Photocopying service includes bookbinding service, bookbinding service with enamel cover, tape binding service, sticker binding service, etc.


Type of paper Price (THB) Resize (THB)
A4 0.50 1
A4 (Green Read) 0.60 1
A4 (Double A) 0.75 1
F14 0.75 2
B4 1 2

NOTE: Available services may vary between library branches

TULIBS newspaper and journals service's logo

The library offers a selection of newspaper and journal subscriptions, both Thai and foreign language. Patrons can find a full list of our subscription in the library's online catalog.

Aside from the physical subscriptions, the library also has a selection of full text electronic journals for the convenience of our patrons.

For patrons wishing to access newspaper subscriptions from outside the library, 24-hour access is possible through the NewsCenter database and the Matichon e-library from which patrons can browse and print according to their needs.

Using these services require you to access the internet inside Thammasat University. If you are accessing them outside Thammasat University, please use EZproxy.

Note: Individual branch libraries may have additional subscriptions not listed.


Every library member has the opportunity to suggest items that they consider important or worthwhile for literacy, education and research or otherwise of value to the library community. Upon submission, the member’s suggestion will first be cross-referenced to ensure it is not within current holdings, then considered by our librarians as to its suitability for inclusion.


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